Facility Automation

Facility Automation
Facility Automation
  • The world today and tomorrow

    Increased demands for comfort, more technology in residential and commercial buildings and increased security requirements cause the operation of modern buildings of becoming increasingly energy-consuming and costly.

  • Save the environment

    The average energy consumption for residential buildings is currently at about 500 and for commercial buildings at about 450 megajoules per square meter and per year. Such power is in long term view not economical. According current estimates the energy consumption values have to be reduced by around 70% in residential and commercial construction by the year 2025, to make energy still affordable and to preserve the environment.

  • Easy to use

    Building services engineering without automation systems are nowadays no longer imaginable. They manage, control and optimize, for example, complex individual systems for climate, heating, ventilation, electric power, transportation, energy, security, communication, or the like. By easy usability and optimal integration among these systems an excellent user-friendliness and economic efficiency is achieved.

  • Individualism

    In addition, special arrangements and individual software developments can be easily integrated. Conclusion: systems for facility automation are systems for the world of today and tomorrow.

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