CO-Alarm Systems

  • TÜV certified Products

    Our products for the monitoring and analysis of carbon monoxide facilities are certified according to ÖNORM M9419 and EN 50545-1 TÜV.

  • Service from the beginning

    Our service for CO-Alarm Systems and Fire Smoke Control begins with a well-founded customer consulting. In addition to the calculation and installation we like to support you also with the maintenance of the facilities and, of course, with extensive planning advices as well. ÖNORM 2063

  • Technology from one source

    We offer customers the possibility to choose our complete system.

    Precise system technology from a single source means no additional costs for you, incurred quickly due to various system components and suppliers. We are not working with any affiliated companies for implementing, service and maintenance.

  • Choose the correct address

    Choose the correct address: for re-fitting, new construction, refurbishment or maintenance, we offer technology from one source.

  • Construction of CO-Alarm Systems according to the Styrian Garage Regulation and ÖNORM M9419 and EN 50545-1 as well as planning and construction of Fire Smoke Control Systems.

    Maintenance of all facilities.

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